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STEP 1:  Speak with your family doctor or nurse practitioner. They will ask you questions about your sexual activity and lifestyle to figure out if PrEP is right for you. Keep it real when you are answering the questions. Any good doctor or nurse should be focused on how they can support you. If the provider is judgmental or makes you uncomfortable, you should seek a new provider. However, if they simply don’t know much about PrEP, you can link them to the PrEP guideline from the Canadian Medical Association:

STEP 2:  The family doctor/nurse will test you for HIV and other STIs. You will also get some other blood work done to check your overall health.

STEP 3:  Get that prescription! You will need this to pick up PrEP at the pharmacy.  

STEP 4:  Choose a convenient pharmacy to fill your prescription. Please note: medsEXPERT Clinic + Pharmacy have the EXPERT knowledge and connections in HIV testing, treatment, PrEP & PEP, and Hep C all in one place! 

STEP 5:  Go to medical visits every month for HIV and STI testing and a general check up. Tell your provider about any challenges or side effects.

STEP 6:    


Is PrEP Expensive? 

PrEP can be expensive, but public and private insurance can make it cheaper or even free. In Ontario, a month’s supply of PrEP pills costs around $250, depending on the pharmacy. You’d only have to pay that much if you didn’t have any type of insurance. If you qualify for the Ontario Drug Benefit (ODP) or OHIP+, then the government has you covered! If you can’t get ODP or OHIP+, then the Trillium Drug Program might be able to help you out. 

There are also a number of federal health programs:

Below are some other programs and options to consider:

Is PrEP Expensive?
PrEP Providers

Find a PrEP Provider Near You

Looking for a clinic? Say no more.

Check out our recommended list of providers below:

Church Wellesley Health Centre
491 Church Street, 2nd Floor
Toronto    M4Y 2C6  ON

(416) 463-1500

MedsEXPERT Pharmacy
461 Church Street
Toronto    M4Y 2C5  ON

 (416) 922-6337

PrEP Clinic, Maple Leaf Medical
14 College Street, Suite 102
Toronto    M5G 1K2    ON

 (416) 920-1991

PrEP Rx Clinic
34 Wellesley Street E
Toronto    M4Y 1G7  ON

(905) 781-7737

Sherbourne Health Centre
33 Sherbourne Street
Toronto    M5A 2S5  ON


St. Michael’s Hospital - Positive Care Clinic
30 Bond Street, 4th floor
Toronto    M5B 1X1  ON


St. Michael’s Hospital Family Health Team
410 Sherbourne Street, 4th floor
Toronto    M4X 1K2  ON


The Village Pharmacy
473 Church Street
Toronto    M4Y 2C5  ON


Harbourfront Medical
8 York Street
Toronto    M5J 2Y2    ON

(416) 366-2273

St. Michael’s Health Centre
80 Bond Street, (at Michael's Hospital)
Toronto    M5B 1X2  ON



Planned Parenthood Toronto
36B Prince Arthur Ave
Toronto    M5R 1A9   ON

(416) 961-0113

The PrEP Clinic
344 Bloor St W
Toronto    M5S 1W9  ON


Toronto General Hospital, HIV Prevention Clinic
200 Elizabeth St, 13th floor
Toronto     M5G 2C4    ON


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