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Is PrEP for Me?

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For some guys, PrEP is a great prevention tool. For other guys it might not be. The main point of PrEP is to help protect HIV-negative folks who are at a higher risk for getting HIV through sexual activity or injecting drugs. 


Some questions to think about:

  • Do you ever have sex without a condom? 

  • Is/are your partner(s) HIV+ and not undetectable?

  • Do you share needles or equipment to inject drugs/hormones?

  • Do you know the status of all your sex partners?  


If you answered YES, YES, YES and NO, then taking PrEP could be right for you. Try taking this quiz to get a better idea:

Attention all trans guys: PrEP is not just for cis guys. It can be a good way for you to stay HIV-negative, too. If you are having anal sex, you can take the PrEP daily or follow the on-demand regimen just like cis guys. If you are having front hole sex though, you need to take PrEP daily, because the on-demand regimen ONLY works for anal sex. It’s important to keep PrEP levels really high in the front hole so that you stay protected. We need more research to look at how PrEP interacts with hormones. You can ask your health provider more about this. 


Are you interested in getting PrEP? 

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